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Discover a beautiful range of organic “Alveus” teas and infusions.

Green, Black, Rooibos, herbal and/or fruit infusions…travel through natural, spicy, flowery or fruity flavors among which you will certainly find the one that will delight your palate, for every moment of the day.

24 references of tea, rooibos and infusions from €4.20/100grs.


Honduras, Colombie, Mexique..., et parmi les


5 meilleurs cafés du monde, le Moka Sidamo.

Des origines Arabica de grande qualité aux parfums tour à tour suaves, corsés, épicés qui tiennent leurs promesses et ne vous laisseront pas indifférents.

Café en grain ou moulu (sans supplément) 

Au Coin Cosy, dégustez une origine différente par jour et accompagnez votre boisson favorite d’une gourmandise faite maison.


Let yourself be tempted by a break in the comfortable armchairs of Au Coin Cosy, by the fireside or  facing a breathtaking view of our beautiful Pyrenees.

The tea room


Attention coffee lovers!

With the Organic “Dagobert Cafés”, travel to a new destination every day! Espresso, Honduras, Colombia, Mexico, and among the 5 best coffees in the world, Moka Sidamo. From high quality Arabica origins to alternately sweet, full-bodied, spicy flavors that keep their promises and will not leave you indifferent.

Love coffee but caffeine is stopping you? Choose Peru  Organic decaffeinated with spring water.   

As a guarantee of quality, Maison Dagobert roasts its coffees to order, in a total environmental approach, fair trade and sustainable development.

At Coin Cosy, taste a different origin each day of the week and accompany your favorite drink with a homemade delicacy.

Bean or ground coffee (no supplement), decreasing prices according to weight.


Make the difference, with fresh drinks from our regions: plain or vanilla apple juice, Roussane peach, grapes and Euskola (Basque Coca), artisanal lemonade

With your drink, will you have a slice of delicious Tarte Tatin or a tasty Gingerbread or maybe a Walnut Charlotte? Unless the Chocolate Coulant makes you look sweet… Or will you melt with pleasure with an excellent organic ice cream from La Ferme aux Glaces?

Cornelian situation…

* * * The formulas * * *

"Coffee/Tea/Beverage" served with a sweet amuse-bouche

"Coffee / Tea / Gourmet drink" (drink + homemade pastry or ice cream) from €4.70

Breakfast "Fresh bread + Butter + Homemade jam (from €4.60) + Fruit juice" (from €7.50)

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