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The concept

"cozy corner"  


A u Coin Cozy has a soul  and ethics, therefore:


We recycle, we divert the use, we decorate with recycling, friends are happy  to get rid of and thus, give his soul instead!

It's fueled by good humor and warmed up over a wood fire, it's so much more….cosy!

We love the Earth and life, we  respect, we protect them, we sort everything!

  • plants and coffee grounds are composted

  • leftover food makes the chickens happy

  • the water from the jugs lands in the plantations

  • cork, crates, packaging  are used to light the winter fire of the stove

  • cleaning products are ecological


We use 100% clean and renewable electricity by subscribing to the "Planète Oui" supplier and above all, we don't let the tap run with the drain open!

Au Coin Cozy works with local partner companies,  otherwise  with the same ethics and the same quality requirements. We are also partners of local gîtes because Arthez de Béarn is a stopover village on the Via du Puy on the Way to St Jacques de Compostela.

Always go to  the essential!

" Par nos gestes quotidiens protéger toute vie, aussi insignifiante puisse-t-elle paraître à nos yeux "



I am Apis Carnica

I posed for Nathalie

For the good cause

I was on Earth long before you

I dedicate my life to my colony

I die for its survival

I am tiny but my powers are immense.

Our lives are  intimately linked.

protect me

Sincerely, Carnica

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