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Here we peel, we mince, we slice, we brown, we scald everything … avoiding the fingers!


Priority is given to fresh, seasonal, local, organic products cooked in front of you for a different menu every day.

On the menu or to order, puff pastry pies, savory pies, with candied vegetables, vegetarian or not, pizzas with homemade coulis or fresh tomatoes, as many soups and veloutés as there are combinations, seasonal salads with fresh fruit, sheep from the mountains, local charcuterie, seeds and dried fruits...

Simple dishes, from my roots, my travels or my imagination, which simmer and simmer to offer incomparable flavors.

Group meals: notify 48 hours in advance.

From 8:30 am regulars, pilgrims, travelers are welcome, there will always be something to fill a little hollow.


The menu is the same for everyone, and the time doesn't matter as long as there is something to eat!

* * * menu at €13.50 * * *  

Salad, homemade charcuterie or soup (in season)

  stew or savory pie,  

dessert, coffee or tea

* * * Exceptional menu * * *

Theme or custom evenings

* * * take away * * *

Dish or menu of the day

Dish made to order for family meals

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